Marble Angel

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    Product Description:

    This beautiful winged marble angel is kneeling and praying wholehearted,it's magnificent work of art made from fine white marble. Strongly influenced by the perfected ideals of classicism, her beauty has a universality that leaves lasting impressions of grace and elegance.

    Michelangelo, the greatest sculptor in history, once said: I saw the angel in the marble, and I kept carving it until I set him free.

    All our angels in marble are hand-carved by skilled sculptors from 100% natural marble. Angel statues in marble make us feel calm and many people like to have them in their homes and gardens because it creates an atmosphere of peace. In the past, marble angels were mainly displayed in cemeteries and churches. Today, they can be seen and purchased in many different places. Angels can represent many roles and can be seen as warriors, protectors and messengers. Today, people may make a memorial to an angel on the headstone of a monument, or have an angel overlooking their home or garden. Angels may appear at weddings as a sign of happiness, peace and comfort.

    We can also make your own marble angel to your own design, size and colour. All we need are some photos and your description (size, colour). All projects are handmade on natural stone. Therefore, all dimensions and weights given cannot be exact.


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