Animal Statues

We mainly produce: Animal Statues, Marble anima, Marble lion, MARBLE SCULPTURE, MARBLE CARVING, STONE SCULPTURE, STONE CARVING. We supply you with exquisite selections and categories that include home and garden marble statuary, decor and collectible statues, Greek and Roman busts, life-size statues, big statues, monumental statues, historic and Religious statues, wildlife statues and antique finish marble statues, please contact us for more information and quotation.
As a well-known stone carving manufacturer, supplier and exporter, some of our animal statues have designs inspired by the works of world famous ancient animal sculptors and modern sculptors. Animal sculptures are mostly made of marble, but can also be made of sandstone, limestone, granite or travertine. The exquisite craftsmanship of our master carvers ensures the value of every marble animal figurine we carve. Our marble animal figurines are lifelike and can be installed on patios, lobbies as eye-catching architectural accents, or used as garden sculptures when placed on yards, lawns, sidewalks or roadsides. Some animal statue sculptures may not have a fully realistic look, but have an abstract approach to art. Animal sculptures pour out your love for life and animals, custom animal sculpture designs are welcome.
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