Marble Elephant Statue

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    Product Description:

    A beautiful white marble elephant statue, amazingly life like with meticulous detail, they will add beauty to your home or garden for many years to come.

    This elephant statue is hand-carved from high-quality white marble. We offer our clients a wide range of marble elephant statues in various colours. This marble elephant statue is also known for its smooth finish and fine decoration. It can also be placed in temples, houses, gardens, hotels, public places and entrances for decoration.
    The application of marble has a long history and has been used in art and architecture for thousands of years and is still very popular in applications today. We can do not only elephants, but also lions, eagles and many other animals, please tell us your products and designs, and we will produce lifelike animal statues for you.

    Our strengths:

    1. We have been in the industry for over 20 years and have many experienced and talented workers. We have established a strict and standard quality control system. The high quality of our products makes our customers more trustworthy and prosperous.

    2. We are able to offer a wide range of stone products in different designs.

    3. Our products have been widely accepted in European countries, North America, Japan and South East Asia. Our high quality stone products have earned us the highest reputation.

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