Stone Material

All of our sculptures and products are customizable from size to material and color. We have a rich inventory of stone materials, and our natural stones can be sourced from all over the world.

Stone is one of our earliest sculptures and building materials. It has been used to build everything from simple houses to our most iconic sculptures. As a sculpture and building material, the stone is so durable that stone structures built thousands of years ago are still in use today. There is hardly any contemporary "green" product with comparable characteristics. Stone has all the properties of "green" material. It requires almost no chemicals for production or maintenance, does not emit VOC or harmful air pollutants, and is waterproof and durable. It is also an attractive material that lives longer than most structures built today. It can be recycled from one building, reused, or reused in another building. There is no "perfect" material, but stone is one of the most perfect materials we can get.

All kinds of sculpture and building materials we produce and sell are from natural granite, limestone, marble, slate, and sandstone, as well as many other types, including basalt, talc, and quartzite. No matter how many substitutes and imitations there are, natural stone will always have its irresistible natural charm. These natural stones are rich in color and natural in texture, and each has its own unique infinite charm.

Granite is not easily weathered, with rich and beautiful colors, and the apparent color can be maintained for more than 100 years. Because of its high hardness and wear resistance, it is not only used for high-grade building decoration projects and hall floors, but also an important material for outdoor carving. Marble is soft and easy to cut or carve. It has bright colors and a natural texture. The use of limestone has a long history. From private houses to public schools, churches, courts, and museums, limestone is also the preferred building material for various sculptures and monuments. Limestone is suitable for very detailed carving and is loved by people for its simple, solemn, elegant, and natural decorative style. Natural travertine has a clear texture and mild and rich texture. It originates from nature but surpasses nature. It is a rare indoor and outdoor high-grade decorative stone. As one of the soft sedimentary rocks, sandstone is a kind of matte stone, which will not produce strong reflected light, and the vision is soft and friendly. Compared with marble and granite, the radioactivity of sandstone is basically zero, and there is no harm to the human body. At the same time, it is simple and elegant, which is deeply liked by designers. Slate is flaky or plate-shaped in shape, with natural texture characteristics and rich colors. The patterns on the plate surface are naturally formed. When they are spliced together, they can add beautiful scenery to the outdoors.

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