We have many years of export experience, our packaging meets the packaging requirements of export goods, and meets the requirements of commodity inspection, quarantine and fumigation. Our packaging is safe and strong, so no items/products will be damaged or lost during transportation.

Here are some pictures of our packing and processing stage. Our packing and processing line is very well organized so that no items/products will be lost in transit. We keep a tidy and organized workspace in the factories so that all the items will arrive with good quality.

We have extensive experience in packing and transporting goods. We will adapt to the requirements of various transportation methods, and select suitable wooden crates according to the actual size and weight of the goods, combined with the size of the shipping container. Our packaging is reasonably designed with appropriate specifications, weight, and volume. The packaging method is scientific and the packaging label is clear to meet the requirements of standardization of transportation packaging. The packaging is safe, and secure, and allows for easy car transport and container loading and unloading. We use chemical foaming agents to fix finely engraved products. The specific method is to cover the sculpture with a plastic protective film, and then use a foaming agent to prevent the foaming agent from sticking to the surface of the stone, which is difficult to clean. For stone carvings, we generally have our own workers load the containers in the factory. We do our own wooden box reinforcement to prevent ports unfamiliar with our stone products' fragile shortcomings, which can lead to product bumps and damage. We will pack moderately on the premise of ensuring firm and safe packaging to save packaging costs. All crates have standard fumigation procedures and IPPC markings. Fumigation-free plywood crates are also available upon request.

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