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The most famous stone sculptures - TOP10-7/8

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7. 《She-Wolf

Bronze, 85 cm high, circa 500 BC, is housed in the Municipal Museum of Rome, Italy.

The statue is based on the legend of the founding of Rome: the famous Trojan princes fled to the Italian peninsula after the Trojan War and founded the city of Alba, which has been passed down from generation to generation. Later, a king named Numitor was overthrown by his brother Amulius. His son was killed, but his daughter, who was loved by the War god, gave birth to twins Romulus and Remus, who were thrown into the Tiber River in a basket by Amulius. The brothers were later found and taken in by a female Wolf, and before long, were found and adopted by a shepherd; When they grew up, they killed their enemies, rescued their grandfather, and founded a new city. Later Romulus killed Remus and named the city Rome after himself.

The statue depicts the she-wolf who nursed the founder of Rome. The statue was a masterpiece of art by the Etruscans, and for the Romans it was also a monument, worshipped as the ancestor of the nation. The She-wolf statue has become a symbol of Rome.


8.《The Boy With the Goose

"The boy with the goose" this work comes from the Greek Hal keaton wave of the hand of eritrea, a sculptor, an original bronze, remain this replica is Rome. Boerdos specialized in custom sculpture and became famous as an artist who specialized in the sculpture of children. Boedos lived in the third century BC, which was the time of the development of Hellenistic genre sculpture, which touched almost every aspect of life, from the otherworldly divinity to the expression of the most universal human nature. Special attention is paid to shaping the real character image, pay attention to the inner spirit of human expression. From this naive and lively child holding a living goose, we can see the sculptor's understanding of life and people. This is a group of vivid statues of children's life. The carving skill is perfect and superb.

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