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The most famous stone sculptures - TOP10-9/10

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9.《Easter Sculpture

Stone carving, 4-5 meters high, the highest 9.8 meters high, ca. 600-1680 AD. Easter Island is an isolated island in the South Pacific Ocean,

so named because it was discovered by archaeologists on Easter Day in 1722. 

These statues are all carved from a single stone and are generally 4-5 meters high and weigh about 20 tons, with the tallest reaching 9.8 meters and weighing 90 tons.

10. 《The Gaul Committed Suicide

One of the important artistic centers of the Hellenistic period was in the Pegamal Kingdom of Asia Minor. 

After repelling a fierce attack by the Gauls between 241 and 197 BC, the Kingdom of Bogama built the Acropolis and erected a victory monument on the square.

 "The Suicidal Gaul" is one of them. The work shows the defeated Gaul leader, in order not to be humiliated as a prisoner of the enemy, 

bravely and firmly killed his beloved wife and then committed suicide. This is a powerful and tragic statue. 

Sculptors deliberately depict the tense moment of suicide, group carving using a variety of contrast techniques to shape the image,

 standing and hanging, life and death, movement and static, shape of the leaning and bending, positive and lateral turn, 

constitute a three-dimensional space all around the combination of sculpture form, become the model of square sculpture later.

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