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Sandstone is a sedimentary rock, formed by grains of stone deposited on a riverbed by water erosion and accumulated over thousands of years. It was later formed into the mines of today due to the movement of the earth's crust. There are many varieties of sandstone in China, but they are mainly concentrated in Sichuan, Yunnan and Shandong, the three major sandstone producing regions in China. It is also found in Hebei, Henan, Shanxi and Shaanxi, but the product is less well known and less influential.

Sandstone is a high quality natural stone with no light pollution, no radiation and no radioactive harm to humans. It is moisture-proof, non-slip, sound-absorbing, light-absorbing, odourless, non-radiating, non-fading, warm and elegant; sandstone is very colourful, close to nature, quaint and elegant, and unique. Sandstone is one of the most widely used stones by mankind, and its noble and elegant quality and natural environmental friendliness make it one of the wonders in the history of architecture. The Louvre, the British Royal Palace, the US Capitol, Harvard University and Notre Dame de Paris were all decorated with sandstone hundreds of years ago and still exist today.

In the past, sandstone was very laborious to use for architectural applications due to the backwardness of quarry cutters and processing machinery. In recent years these have been improved and gradually it has become possible to offer customers a high quality product with the highest level of professionalism and in accordance with their requirements for colour. Sandstone can be used for a wide range of applications. Some people even argue that "it can be used for anything anyone can think of".


As a supplier of sandstone in China, we can offer a wide range of colours such as yellow sandstone, white sandstone, grey sandstone, purple sandstone, red sandstone and many more. These natural sandstones are pure in colour and are great Chinese sandstone materials. Generally speaking, this sandstone can be designed into products with a wide range of shapes. Examples include the popular sandstone floor tiles, sandstone façade tiles and sandstone paving slabs. In addition, sandstone fireplace surrounds and sandstone fountains and sandstone statue sculptures can also be made.


As a professional sandstone manufacturer, we have exported our sandstone products to all over the world in the past decades and have rich experience in sandstone production and transportation. Also, the finished products are well packed with wooden packaging, and we choose the nearest port for export to save transportation cost. We have a wide range of sandstone cutting machines that can cut a variety of geometric shapes with very precise dimensions. Our decorative sandstone surfaces are available in a variety of finishes, which can be tailored to suit the needs of the user or to suit the architectural style. Common surface finishes include natural surface, machine section, polished surface, surface fire, matt surface, sandblast surface, antique plane, litchi surface, tumbled, pineapple face, ax surface, mushroom noodles, etc.

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